Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot weather, cool lunch!

Since we are in the middle of summer, and my kiddos are going to summer day camp where they go out on field trips and hikes and swimming and all sorts of warm weather activities, it was soon apparent to me that their normal packed lunch was not getting the usual amount of shade it had while they were in school. They started complaining about their grapes being soggy and their yogurt not being cold.

I could have opted not to pack them such items, but when these are such healthy foods I thought I would look into it a bit more. I looked all over the Internet and found some interesting items. I also found out they sold them at Target, which made me even happier as I could go check them out and not simply order them on-line (and pay for shipping).

I was happy to find a smaller version of some lunch travel containers I already had.

These have been great tools for me when packing my own lunch, and for the past week it seams I made a good purchase in expanding our lunch tools for them.


These handy containers have an icepack on the lid which keeps the contents nice and cool without making the rest of their lunch bag wet with an external icepack. They are as small as 1 cup and 2 cup containers, and perfect for those fresh fruits and veggies they love. They also keep cheese and ham slices cool, for those “green Mom version” of store lunchables.

I was also very happy to find these yogurt containers.

They are insulated cups that fit most store brand individual yogurt cups. They also come with 2 stackable cups. One with an incorporated icepack lid for such things as pre-packed fruit cups or “green Mom version” fruit in juice without all the pre-packaging. The other is a smaller cup simple cup for dry snacks like granola, cheerios, or goldfish crackers.

My kid lunch packing collection already included the following items:

Lunch Bag


Water Bottle

Snack bags

Silicone Cups - to use as bento dividers

Large sub container or small vento box

Sandwich container

Small snack container


This last one I use more often in less warm weather to send my kids some chicken nuggets, or fish sticks, or even soup. It is a great tool because it comes with a spoon in the lid, it is microwaveable so you can heat it up again right before you pack it (or reheat if they can do so at school, but without the lid), and dishwasher safe.

Hot food bowl

I am actually a bit embarrassed to admit I have a few other things I use for packing lunches, like sandwich shape cutters, or cookie cutters I use for fruit shapes, little plastic sauce bottles, but these are the ones I use almost every day. It is all in an effort to make lunch more enjoyable and more eco-friendly for my little ones. And for me too :)

What are you eco-friendly lunch packing tools?

Rossana G-A

FTC Disclaimer: I am not compensated to write this post.

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