Saturday, June 30, 2012

My current shopping wish list

I am way to frugal for my own good. I don't buy things I need until I really really have to or unless I find a really good deal. My current list is a good example of how I wait and wait to buy these things.

The current pair of tennis shoes I want are Nike Free because they are so light weight that they are perfect for me. I haven't wanted to purchase them yet because I have a pair of New Balance shoes that still have a lot a miles to go, although they are a lot heavier. 

Then I have the craving for a jacket that is light enough to run with during warmer weather, but heavy enough to keep me warm when it is cooler. I love the finger wholes too. I haven't bought this lululemon jacket because they used to have one with a taller collar that provided greater protection during cool weather runs and they don't have it anymore. I keep waiting to see if they come out with it again, and I make due with whatever jackets I have.

Next on my list are some running bottoms, long and cropped. The ones I currently have are about 9 years old, and I can't make myself get rid of them because they are still in pretty good shape, but they do look a bit older (in style too) and I am sure any elastic material has a short lifespan so they will give-out on me soon, but not yet.

My next item is more of a want. I recently got giften a Morganite ring from my husband for our 11th wedding anniversary, and now I have been coveting similar style earrings. I don't need them, I just WANT them.



Lastly, I have been looking to purchase flats to wear to work that are comfortable too, and these TOMS ballerina shoes keep calling my name. And when I like something I keep buying it in different colors. That's just how I roll. But I haven't bought them because I have some flats that just happen to be NOT so comfortable but in good shape.

I know, I know, I need to get over myself and just go out and buy some of these things. I will....some day.

What is on your shopping wish list currently?

Rossana G-A

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fabulous Flats - Polyvore inspirations

Home Star Style

LOOKBOOK ...a chic

I Miss You

Given the ridiculous amount of walking I do at work, sometimes I end up really hating even my favorite heels. Since I can be practical when I need to be I thought I go surfing for inspiration on how to make flats look fabulous and So Perf.

I think I found my inspiration. Now I need to go shoe shopping, because my flat collection is not up to par. Sorry honey (dear husband), but I just have to.

How do you make flats look fabulous at work?

Rossana G-A

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gold Hot

Gold Hot

Since Summer is here, I'm planning on enjoying as much of this weather as I can. Taking the kids to the pool, and maybe going for some shopping and a scoop of ice cream are very likely activities for me this weekend.

What are you planning to wear now that summer started?

Rossana G-A

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The simple things make me happy

Sometimes life gets so busy, you face so many struggles, and the days pass buy like a blur. When I feel myself sinking down I make a point to stop and reflect on the little things that always make me happy.

My mornings are never the same if I don't have the time to drink a cup of hot coffee. During the week it is a must, but some weekends I get up and get going with so many things that I forget I haven't had my coffee, but ultimately I always realize it and run to get a cup even if it is later in the day.

Making delicious and yet healthy meals for my family also fills me with joy. Knowing that I have such a great impact on how my family is eating is not always an easy weigh to bear, but it is very rewarding. And when your youngest, in kindergarten, has an assignment to say what are the things he loves and he writes down "I love when Mommy makes me food"you know it is all worth it.

And since we are on the topic of food, eating some Mexican food always puts me in a good mood. It doesn't matter if I make it at home or run to one of my favorite restaurants, the taste of those comforting flavors in my mouth make me not miss being back home so much.

I saved the best for last. Seing my children smile and knowing they are happy will always be the greatest pick-me-up for me. I am also blessed to have such noble hearted children, and very perceptive and sensitive. They somehow know to come over to give me a hug, a kiss, and a smile just when I need it the most. And somehow all grey skies disappear.

What simple things make YOU happy?

Rossana G-A

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keeping the Magical Kingdom Magical even with ADHD

At Downtown Disney
We recently took a 3 day vacation to Anaheim. School was out for my kids and my Husband (or at least one more week left for him for his current classes) and we decided to join some family who decided to visit Disneyland as well. 

But taking a road trip with ADHD family members is not too easy a task. We made sure to have a good set of supplies, like drinks and snacks for the trip, but also we made sure to schedule our gas stops along with our bathroom breaks. We also decided to leave at 4:00am to have less heat and traffic, and that worked out well for us.

We got there mid day, and even though we wanted to go to both parks (California Adventure and Disneyland) we knew we could do it in one day. We went to Anaheim about 2 years ago and learned this very quickly. My ADHDers need specific rides to have fun, so we skipped what they didn't like. So this time around we took the remainder of our driving day walking around Downtown Disney and then heading back to the hotel pool.

Just floating around

We bought our park-hoppers that night and were ready to roll first thing the next morning. We also needed to make sure we would be comfortable at the park, so comfy shoes were a must.

My Princess wearing her Nike Free Run shoes

My daughter is 8 and my son is 6, so they didn't always agree on what rides they wanted to get on. When this happens, Divide and Conquer! Hubby went to one ride with one kid, while I went with the other kid to their choice of ride. Togetherness is not always the best way to go in an amusement park. We were in such a hurry to get in line that one time we forgot to hand off belongings, and my boy got chilly and had to use my sweatshirt. Did I mention it is always good to carry some layers? I learned this living in the Bay Area.

In line and wearing Mom's sweatshirt.
While in line, we were also prepared. We brought our iTouches...but that lasted only so long. We also took non-stop pictures, which my kids love (camera hogs).

When all else failed, some good old fashioned conversation did the trick. Making them talk about what ride they had liked best so far, or what ride they would try again, or even what they thought they wanted to have for lunch.

Speaking of lunch, we also took time-out to go eat when the kids started to get restless. There is nothing worse than a kid forced to eat when they would rather be in line to a ride, so we let them tell us when they were hungry.

Argh Matey!!

And back to the rides. And since parents get bored waiting in line too, I entertained myself braiding hair while my husband would play games on his iPhone.

The last trick up my sleeve?? Ignoring once in a while the ride attendant's instructions to keep off the rails. My feet were aching after waiting in line for so many rides, and after walking around not one but two parks, so heck yeah I'm gonna lean or sit on the rails, and so I let my kids do so once in a while too. We were frequent offenders, so sorry Lady in the weird skipper outfit at the Ariel ride...or whatever the ride's name was.

So, was walking around all day, and waiting in line half the time, was it worth it??? Some say no, but we say HECK YEAH!! Where else could you scream so much, and laugh so much at the same time? 

And even though my kids are a bit older now, they still get a kick out of spotting Mickey walking around the park.

Around dinner time, Hubby and I needed a few Margaritas, and since Disneyland is alcohol free we strolled ourselves over to Downtown Disney once more to wait for our last Fast-Pass time of the day. But once the kids took a few bites of their dinner, our plans had to change.

Job well done MAGICAL KINGDOM! Job well done!

Are the long lines at Disneyland worth it for you?

Rossana G-A

FTC Disclaimer: I am not compensated to write this post.