Friday, February 24, 2012

I do love me some Pizza!!!!

Pizza is a favorite food all over the country, but few places have such great dough and sauce to make the toppings' flavors pop even more. I have three pizza places than span the with of the USA. Where I first fell in love with thin crust pizza was in my alma matter's neighborhood. The name, Ardovino's Pizza.  Originally opened in 1961 as a gourmet and italian food mart, it later expanded to include a pizzeria and delicatessen. For over half a century it has had a spectacular tasting variety of pizzas. If you are ever in El Paso, TX, make sure you drop in.

When I moved to Houston, TX, I searched far an wide for a pizza that could at least rise close to the level I had become accustomed to with Ardovino's. Tried many, got disappointed plenty, and after a few recommendations I let go of my skepticism happily when I tied the pizza at Star Pizza. Making the best pizza pies from a funky old house in Montrose/Upper Kirby since 1976, they offer both deep dish and thin crust, or as they call them "Chicago style" and "New York style".

Now in the Bay Area, my quest resumed. I had to find it, and find it I did. Patxi's Chicago Pizza (pronounced pah'-cheese) operated by partners Francisco "Patxi" Azpiroz and William Freeman, opened in the Bay Area in 2004 and has opened several location since. Their thin crust is probably too thin for me, but their regular pizza is not so thick as most others. This is my place to go when I get a pizza craving, and I'm never disappointed.   

Tonight, my son clamored for it when I got home from work, and who was I to deny him that? This is a picture of our very own, large pie. So delicious!

OK, so I wanted it too, because it is just So Perf!

Rossana G-A

FTC Disclaimer: I am not compensated to write this post.

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