Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember to STOP and smell the Roses

I've been thinking all night about what to blog about first. So many things I want to share, but where to start?
Then this morning during my 90 minute commute to work I realized I'm now looking at the world a different way than I did 10 years ago. Before, I'd be in such a rush to get wherever I was going that I didn't enjoy the ride. I've been changing that about myself ever since I had kids, because I want to enjoy them, and I want them to enjoy every part of their lives.
So I'm thinking of this, waiting for my last ride of my work commute, and I see behind my shuttle stop this lovley view.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but between the sun hitting the building just so, the cherry tree blossoms being that amazing shade of pale pink, and the last drops of morning dew on the blades of grass, it looked So Perf!

Once in a while, remember to stop what you are doing, and smell the roses.

Rossana G-A

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