Monday, March 5, 2012

Be more than just another guy trying to date her.

This is for all those single guy friends I have that keep giving me the “she should like me for who I am” bit. Yes, she should like you for who you are, but please give her something to work with!!

We women like to put a bit of effort into how we look; make-up, hair, clothes. SO why not show us you can do that too? I’m not saying start suiting up, but you can still look very dashing in jeans as long as it doesn’t have grease stains from that chilly dog you ate 3 months ago.

That baseball hat you love could use a date with the washing machine (unless it loses value if you wash it, in which case why are you wearing it?). And a bit of grooming goes a long way, so if you want facial hair keep it nice and neat. 

Keep your place looking nice. A clean bathroom is a must, so put some effort there. If you have any decorative pieces, have an interesting story behind them, like where you bought it, why you liked it.

Finally, have appropriate glasses and stem wear. Serve wine in steam wear, beer in mugs, and most other drinks in regular glasses. Nothing worse than getting wine out of a regular glass. Nix that, there is something worse, getting it served in a plastic cup.

These are just a few of the things we notice about 98% of the time that could be deal breakers. You don’t have to learn that the latest fashion trend this season is sea foam/mint (which it is!), but showing a little effort can make us feel a lot more interested.  

Rossana G-A

FTC Disclaimer: I am not compensated to write this post.

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