Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tooth fairy and the like

Who among us has not heard of the childhood tradition of placing your fallen baby teeth under your pillow to wake up and find money the tooth fairy left behind in exchange for your tooth? Where I am from, it wasn't a fairy but a tiny mouse, but the steps where the same.

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As I was telling some colleagues about the eminent visit as the tooth had been hanging for weeks now, one of them told me a story of how his family also has traditions of leprechauns visiting on St. Patrik's Day. This led to an even funnier story of his kid loosing a tooth that day and how she woke up the next morning to a note saying "I took the money the tooth fairy left you and hid it elsewhere in the house", because leprechauns like money, right?! Leprechauns leave behind green milk, green juice, and all sorts of mischief, or so I've been told. Kids are encouraged to set up all sorts of traps for them.

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In any case, I had no idea some people expect visits from leprechauns, which led me to think, what other childhood visitors do families out there celebrate? I know the Easter Bunny, Santa, and as I already mentioned, the Tooth Fairy.

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Some have the Three Wise Men/Three Kings visit on January 6th. Some people have a visit from Cupid on February 14th. What else is out there, and what fun ways do they let you know they have come by?

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